Sun, April 28 2pm: US Premiere: The Stateless Diplomat

At a time when most women in the developed world did
not have the right to vote, Diana Agabeg Apcar was
appointed the honorary consul of the first Republic of
Armenia to Japan.

The Stateless Diplomat is an original film by Apcar’s
great-granddaughter, Mimi Malayan. Using Asianinspired
scrolling animation, a moving musical score,
and captivating, dramatized readings from Apcar’s
memoirs and letters, THE STATELESS DIPLOMAT tells
the story of an indefatigably selfless, cultured,
and deeply committed humanitarian, who helped save
the lives of hundreds of Armenians fleeing the
1915-23 genocide by the Turkish government

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For information about the screening, contact ANCA SF
at (415) 387-3433