Nov 6-8: Hamazkayin Movie Fundraiser

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The Last Inhabitant:
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Meet Executive Producer Adrineh Mirzayan via Zoom Sunday, November 8 at 8pm:

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Armenian film director, Jivan  Avetisyan was born in Gyumri and raised in Artsakh.  He grew up during one of the most violent conflicts in the Caucuses and understands well the brutal consequences of war.  Jivan’s lifelong dream of storytelling, of chronicling history, and putting Artsakh on the world map has been realized through the art of filmmaking.  Jivan has created well over twenty documentaries, short films, and three feature films, Tevanik, The Last Inhabitant, and Gate to Heaven.  Jivan’s first feature film, Tevanik, has been recognized in over twenty international film festivals claiming over twenty awards including Best Feature Film.  His second feature film The Last Inhabitant was screened at A class international film festivals including Shanghai and Venice and was considered for the Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Score in the 73rd Golden Globe Awards; it won Best Feature Film and Best Actor Award at the Scandinavian International Film Festival in Helsinki, Finland. 
Films about Artsakh raise awareness to the current situation.  Please show your support.