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Armenian Needlelace June 15 and 22


As strong as it is delicate, Armenian needlelace is among humanity’s oldest and most intricate forms of needlework, evoking mountains and rainbows of home. Its distinctive interlacing patterns, thought to trap or confuse evil spirits and intentions, also appear on ancient Armenian architecture and stone carvings, depicting Earth-honoring elements of culture and place. While tricky to master, practicing this art can prove infinitely rewarding to the patient seeker.

In ELISE YOUSSOUFIAN’S TWO-DAY ARMENIAN NEEDLELACE WORKSHOPS, you will discover unique intricacies of this life-affirming art, with stories of its living history and cultural significance, as you experience making needlelace first-hand. New students will begin to make a sampler of foundational patterns, and returning students will build on the fundamentals to grow their skills.

ABOUT ELISE: Elise learned her ancestral art with celebrated Armenian artisans in 2019 and has continued through countless hours of joyful practice ever since. Currently in a Women’s Spirituality PhD program researching relationships between handiwork and healing, Elise holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and is a board-certified therapeutic musician. As a healing-centered poet, weaver, scholar, and singer, she has been teaching since 2009 and offering you to lease workshops 2021 onward, in the US and Armenia.