February 2021 updates

Town Hall with Zareh Sinanyan on Monday, February 15, 8pm. 

Topic: Artsakh Task Force
Time: Feb 15, 2021 08:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Here is an article featuring Bay Area artist, Thea Farhadian.  https://mirrorspectator.com/2021/01/14/a-new-sense-of-place-santomieri-farhadian-sound-installation-enriches-public-space/

Just 10 Days Left for the AGBU YP Cares: Warm Homes-Warm Hearts matching program for Artsakh!  The global YP network is still matching your contributions and the program has expanded to provide heaters, blankets, and winter clothing!  Donate today and help provide warmth for displaced families in Artsakh.  Direct link:donate.agbu.org/ypcaresFacebook Fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/328858448425417/10157820513537918/
Continue to support families in need through the ARS Stand with an Artsakh Family initiative.
ARS Stand with an Artsakh Family:

Contribute to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen (1000Plus)https://armenianwoundedheroes.com/1000plus/
Advocate for Armenia and Artsakh and take action:
ANCA Site:  https://anca.org/ ANCA Take Action: https://marchtojustice.org/home

Armenian Assembly Site: https://armenian-assembly.org/Armenian Assembly Take Action: https://p2a.co/sHmn6QZ%20

KQED PBS San Francisco is hosting an Armenian Double Feature Pledge event on Tuesday, March 9 with my film, What Will Become of Us, and another Armenian film, 100 Years from Home

Pledging to KQED during the broadcasts sends a message to the station that Armenian stories matter, and it tells their programmers to pay attention to Armenian films in the future. There will also be pledge gifts available. 
Tuesday, March 97:00 PMKQED 9100 Years from Home56 min100 Years from Home is a vivid portrait of an American woman grappling with questions about cultural identity, intergenerational trauma, family, survival, and finding her place in her community and the world. The picture follows an American woman?s journey as she searches for her great-grandparents? house in modern-day Turkey, which they were forced to abandon over a century ago during the Armenian Genocide in the Turkish Ottoman Empire that killed over 1.5 million Armenians during and after World War I.
Tuesday, March 98:30 PMKQED 9
What Will Become of Us56 min100 years ago, Armenians were nearly annihilated by Genocide. Today, often unrecognized, it remains defining – but the long shadow of the Genocide creates a burden for young Armenian Americans that discourages them from taking up their culture. What Will Become of Us follows six Armenian Americans – famous and otherwise – as they navigate the 100th anniversary of the Genocide, forging identities for the next 100 years. How can Armenian Americans honor their past, while unshackling themselves from its trauma?
===========Check out Civilnet for news from Armenia  https://www.civilnet.am/

New book for children: Parev, Yerevan: An Armenian Children’s Book

Parev, Yerevan is a fun, engaging, and educational board book in Armenian about Yerevan. Beautifully illustrated, it takes the reader through well-known sites in Yerevan and showcases Armenian culture and history in a simple and captivating manner. It exposes children to both the Armenian language and the spirit of Armenia. This is a great introduction to Yerevan for young children!

My goal is to expose children to the Armenian language and help foster a connection to Armenia at a young age. Since there are very few board books in Armenia, this book is an ideal engagement tool for young children.

Please visit my page at https://igg.me/at/parevyerevan to learn more about my campaign and pre-order your copy. Thank you!