Erepuni Chapter ARS College Scholarships 2019

Attention: All college-level students seeking scholarships

in the fields of medicine or engineering

Armenian Relief Society “Erepouni” Chapter

is pleased to offer three scholarships for

academic year 2019-2020

I. “Mesrob DerYeghiayan Memorial Scholarship”

for two students following the medical field

There are two separate $1,000 scholarships available for students following any field of medicine or nursing.  See requirements and other information below.

II.  “Aram Kasparian Memorial Scholarship”

for one student majoring in engineering

This will be one $1,000 scholarship for a college student following any field of engineering.  See information below.

Basic requirements are: have completed or are completing one year of university work, maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, be of Armenian descent, and a permanent resident of the U.S. and California.  Other requirements will be noted in the scholarship application and checklist. 

For an application or further information, please contact Mrs. Victoria Markarian at, or phone (209) 823-1486. 

The application and all necessary forms must be sent in no later than

April 30, 2019.  Please reply soon.

New book for children: Parev, Yerevan: An Armenian Children’s Book

Parev, Yerevan is a fun, engaging, and educational board book in Armenian about Yerevan. Beautifully illustrated, it takes the reader through well-known sites in Yerevan and showcases Armenian culture and history in a simple and captivating manner. It exposes children to both the Armenian language and the spirit of Armenia. This is a great introduction to Yerevan for young children!

My goal is to expose children to the Armenian language and help foster a connection to Armenia at a young age. Since there are very few board books in Armenia, this book is an ideal engagement tool for young children.

Please visit my page at to learn more about my campaign and pre-order your copy. Thank you!