YOUTH FORUM 2024 Armenia: Deadline May 31




AGE: 18-24

Hamazkayin SF Nigol Aghpalian chapter’s board will send one candidate for free (airfare included) to Armenia to Forum 2024, July 13-24. Ages 18-24

After receiving the candidate’s applications, the board will decide the young student who will express a clear and convincing commitment to bring his-her support to Hamazkayin SF Nigol Aghpalian chapter on her or his return from Armenia.

To apply, write to us:

RSVP by May 31, 2024

We look forward to your application!

Forum link: Hamazkayin

Hamazkayin Student Cultural Forum was incepted in 1994 by the second Hamazkayin General Assembly in Dzaghgatsor, Armenia. Its main goal is to bridge Armenian students from all over the world. It is aimed at bringing together Armenian students in an Armenian atmosphere, to convey the Armenian past and present, history and traditions, together with our complex existence, and our concerns and opportunities for preserving our cultural values. The Forum is also a medium where the social and national problems of the Armenian youth, as well as the Armenian student’s duties to his nation are discussed.

Several famous lecturers from Armenia and the diaspora provide their input for the Forum’s academic programs. The lectures are based on the themes of Armenia history, literature, cultural wealth, folk traditions, music, and theater. Activities include Armenian folk dance, sculpture, and publishing. The students publish an information bulletin on their day-to-day activities.

The most important part of the Forum is the round-table discussions, during which the students discuss various issues and problems, thus creating a true bond among those coming from Armenia and the various communities in the diaspora.

The Forum is an excellent opportunity for many students from Armenia and the diaspora to meet, exchange their knowledge and experience, to develop close ties, and to enjoy unforgettable moments. When necessary, the organizing committee financially assists the participants. The Forum also creates an atmosphere where young people are trained as group guides and take on positions of responsibility. Lectures are often translated into foreign languages to be comprehensible by every participant.

At The Youth Forum you will;

  • Immerse yourself in a friendly environment in Armenia
  • Gain new perspectives on Armenian culture through workshops
  • Participate in various activities designed to expand your awareness of Armenia & Armenians
  • Discuss issues of Armenian identity with others who share it with you
  • Visit the sights of Armenia

Hamazkayin SF Nigol Aghpalian Board

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